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What Are Some Examples Of Intellectual Property Disputes?

Intellectual property is proprietary to a particular company, so it does not necessarily have to be patented. If a business is set up correctly, there will be agreements that an employee has to sign, forbidding them from disseminating or sharing the intellectual property of their company with other companies, and if they do, the new company can be sued for tortious interference with the contract.

My Company Is Being Falsely Accused Of Fraud. How Difficult Is My Case Going To Be?

If your company is being sued for fraud and the person or the entity that is suing for fraud has a good case with the evidence required to prove fraud, then you have a good probability of losing. On the flip side, if the criteria for fraud are not being met by the plaintiff and there is proof you can provide that would negate any one of those necessary elements to prove fraud, you will prevail. Then, you have attorney’s fees that come into play and whether they are covered or not depends on whether the allegations of fraud are contained in some type of agreement that has attorney fees provisions.

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