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What Kinds Of Condo Related Cases Does Your Firm Handle?

My firm handles any and all types of issues that pop up either in a condominium association or a homeowners association. I’m in a rather unique position in this particular geographical area insofar as I am an attorney that handles both sides. I do work for the board of directors on associations and I also represent owners in associations, obviously not the ones that I represent the boards on. I represent both and it actually gives me a unique perspective in representing one side or the other. I’ve represented both associations and owners. It’s kind of interesting. I got a call a short while ago from an owner in an association who, one of the first questions that was asked was whether or not I only represent owners or do I represent associations as well.

I said that I represent associations as well and if you want to end the conversation on that, it’s perfectly fine but I would like to point out that because I represent associations, I know how boards act, I know kind of what motivates a board to either try and settle a matter or kind of dig their heels in which is kind of an impertinent strategy when you are trying to figure out whether or not you can resolve this matter prior to litigation or not and somebody that has never dealt with the board of directors other than being adverse representation from representing owners doesn’t have that insight and by the end of the conversation, that person ended up hiring me which was good that I has an opportunity to explain that but I do think that it is helpful and I also think it is very important that somebody concentrates their practice in that.

I practice real estate law but the great majority of the cases that I do is community associations related, HOA, condo, representing both the associations and the owners. I represent them on foreclosure actions, I represent them on disputes regarding assessments, I represent both associations and unit owners in regards to restrictions that are abused. Sometimes the associations will suspend use rights. I represent both parties in dealing with that type of matter all the way into mediation, arbitration and into litigation. So if it’s necessary, I’ll litigate those cases on a regular basis.

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