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What Are The Chances Of Settling A Business Dispute Without A Trial?

Most cases, even the ones that begin in litigation, do not end up in a trial. Nearly all cases either get settled, dismissed, or a summary judgment is granted prior to it ever reaching the trial stage. Some cases do go to trial, which means you roll the dice with a judge and a jury. You never know what a judge or a jury is going to do. In most instances, it is better for both sides to be able to resolve it before it goes to trial.

How High Are The Costs Of Business Lawsuits Or Litigation?

Unless you are in small claims court, you are not getting away with paying anything less than thousands of dollars. Typically, you are looking at least tens of thousands of dollars or more. You may recover those from the other side or you may only recover a portion of them because a judge may determine that some of those are reasonable and some aren’t. The judge has a lot of discretion in determining what the reasonableness of attorney’s fees are. The cost is definitely a reason to try to avoid going into litigation and going to trial.

Sometimes, trial can’t be avoided. It’s not always the case that you have to be rich to litigate, but it helps because it is very expensive and that is one of the biggest detriments to having people take every matter to trial. The court systems are clogged and everyone complains about the slow moving process of the judicial system. If it wasn’t for the high costs of trial, the judicial system would be so bogged down that it probably would not function at all.

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