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What Is The Client’s Role In A Business Lawsuit?

The client’s role is to provide all relevant information to the attorney representing the client. The client will be involved in the strategy of the litigation and will be consulted regarding any settlement offers. The client also has an important role in gathering documents and making important witnesses available.

What Is The Fee Arrangement For Business Litigation?

The fee arrangement can be on a flat fee or hourly. On most business litigation our firm will charge an hourly fee. That way if the matter is settled quickly the attorney’s fees will be charged accordingly. Also, the other party may be responsible for the repayment of any attorney’s fees paid to our firm if our client is the prevailing party in the lawsuit.

Do I Always Need An Attorney To Represent Me In Business Litigation Cases?

Formal business organizations, such as corporations and LLCs, must have counsel representing them in litigation. Even though some businesses, such as sole proprietors, can legally have the owner represent the business, it is always advisable to have a knowledgeable business attorney guide them through the litigation process. One last note, judges in Florida are lenient to persons representing themselves in small claims court, but if the amount claimed is above the small claim court threshold, a judge will make a self-represented person comply with all rules of civil procedure and all local administrative rules. Most non attorneys will not have the training or knowledge to comply with those rules.

In What Ways Can I Protect My Business From A Lawsuit?

The best way is to have an attorney draft the documents that the business will use. Also, basic counsel concerning pitfalls that may occur given the nature of the business would be invaluable. Most people that try and save money by not using an attorney to guide their business dealings often end up spending much more in attorney’s fees once a problem arises.

Why Do I Need To Hire A Business Litigation Attorney?

A business litigation attorney will understand how to keep your business from being exposed to lawsuits. Even if a lawsuit is commenced, having a business litigation attorney will make your business much more likely to end up on the winning side.

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling Business Litigation Cases?

My firm has been handling business litigation issues for over 33 years. A business owner needs to have that type of experience by its side. The reality is that if you own a business, you will run into legal problems. My firm has the experience to keep businesses from being exposed to lawsuits and to helping your business from damages if a suit is filed against it.

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